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Information on the Company
The "UVECON INTELLECT" LLC has been established in October 2008 as a member of group of companies "UVECON ".

Valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property rights was separated from group of companies "UVECON" to "UVECON INTELLECT" in order to meet the growing market demand for professional services in management of intangible assets and intellectual property rights, and valuation as a part of such services.

"UVECON INTELLECT" has a Valuation Certificate № 8147/08 issued by State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) on 26th of December 2008.   The Certificates gives the company right to carry out valuation of:

  1. Objects in material form;
  2. Plant and equipment, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including valuation of intellectual property rights.

Specialization within the limits of valuation directions:

• Valuation of immovable property (real estate), including valuation of land;
• Valuation of machinery and equipment;
• Valuation of automotive vehicles;
• Valuation of aircrafts;
• Valuation of vessels.
 Valuation of plant and equipment, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets;
 Valuation of intellectual property rights

Valuation Certificate

The Company's purpose is establishing a functional, effective, competitive business focused on the client, considering and respecting employees’ and partners’ needs, holding the leading positions on the market of valuation services, marketing research and consulting in the field of intangible assets and intellectual property.

The Company director Olga Kukharskaya is a leading Ukrainian appraiser, Ph.D. in Economics, member of Expert and Consulting Board of Ukrainian Association of Trademark Owners since 2003.  Olga is one of co-authors of National valuation standard No.4 "Valuation of intellectual property rights" and Guidance Note "Valuation of intellectual property rights". She gives lectures on intangible assets valuation in International Institute of Business the Information and consulting center of Ukrainian Association of Appraisers (UAA).

"UVECON INTELLECT" provides services for Ukrainian and foreign companies and individuals all over the country.  The Company carries out consulting on identification and commercialization of intellectual property rights.

Mission of the Company

The Company's mission is ensuring maximum satisfaction of customers’ needs by providing them with high-quality services in valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property rights, marketing research related to intellectual property, and brands (trade marks) in particular.

The strategic goal of the Company is providing our clients with full range of services at competitive prices.

Corporate values

Professionalism is an intimate knowledge of your specialty, responsible and conscientious approach to obligations, high-quality and timely execution of assignments.

Effectiveness is an achievement of maximum result by optimum employment of resources.

We truly hope our experience and knowledge in valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property rights will be helpful in development of your business.